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Sukjong Hong is a reporter-researcher at the New Republic with a background in architecture and urban planning, and an artist working on graphic novels. She was a commissioned artist with the Laundromat Project, a Guardian Diversity Writers Workshop participant, and a 2012-2013 Open City Magazine creative non-fiction fellow at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop. She is currently working with a collective of artists to collect and interpret oral histories of Asian-American communities in New York, with support from the Queens Council for the Arts and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Her artistic mediums include: drawing, painting, printmaking, and installation.

Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Tin House, Fusion News, Al Jazeera America, Gothamist, Triple Canopy Magazine, Hyphen Magazine, and The Feminist Wire, among others.

She writes about immigration, labor, cities, housing, militarism, and East Asian politics, with a focus on Korea and social movements.
She can be reached at sukjong(at)sukjonghong(dot)com and at sukjonghong1(at)gmail(dot)com.
Twitter: @hongriver

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One comment on “About | Contact

  1. 서승재
    June 17, 2014

    안녕하세요, 중앙일보의 서승재 기자라고 합니다.
    다름아니라 금강산 직원 소송 기사 잘 읽었습니다.
    그런데 이번에 소송을 또 한 것인가요, 아니면 2011년에 소송한 결과가 이번 여름에 나온다는 것인가요?
    그리고 소장이 있으면 받을 수 있을까요?

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