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How Could Anyone Think Mail-Order Brides Are Funny? — New Republic

I wrote an essay reflecting on the blindness and the backlash after NBC purchased a sitcom show about a family whose father purchases a mail order bride from the Philippines … Continue reading

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Will Anyone Stop Rodrigo Duterte? – – Up at the New Republic

After watching the news about Duterte the candidate and then Duterte the President all year, I had to learn more about what was happening – why were there so many … Continue reading

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The Heinous Olympification of Seoul – New Republic

Every time the Olympics rolls around, I think of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which was a milestone for immigrant Koreans like my parents, who could see Korea on TV even … Continue reading

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Can “Half a Good House” Become a Home? Looking closer at Alejandro Aravena’s social housing design

My latest for the New Republic examines the social housing approach of Pritzker prizewinner, Alejandro Aravena, in the context of both Chile and social housing around the world. While Aravena … Continue reading

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The Problem with Designing Trump’s Border Wall – up at New Republic

The Problem with Designing Trump’s Border Wall: An online competition spurred by his proposal has launched a fierce debate among architects and border communities. My latest for the New Republic … Continue reading

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Comic on ‘Comfort Women’ deal at Korea Exposé

When I visited South Korea for the winter holidays, little did I expect that during that time, South Korea and Japan would announce a resolution to the ‘comfort women’ deal … Continue reading

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Family of Korean Farmer Critically Injured at Mass Protest Speaks Out (Huffington Post)

I interviewed Doraji Baek, the daughter of Baek Nam-ki, a 69-year old farmer who was documented being knocked to the ground by police water cannons at a November 14 rally … Continue reading

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“This only happened because people organized” – Graphic journalism piece on nail salon workers up at Fusion News

“‘This only happened because people organized’ – Nail salon workers speak out after NYTimes exposé” Happy to share this graphic journalism piece up at This is Fusion, which looks at … Continue reading

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Illustrations! For “Data (v.)” article on Medium

I did a quick illustration job for Jer Thorpe, software artist, writer and educator, for a Medium article he wrote on using data as a verb. The commission was for … Continue reading

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Published! in Open Engagement book – “The Questions We Ask Together”

In 2014, I participated in a blog project called 100 Questions, hosted by Open Engagement – an international conference and platform to support socially engaged art. Well – that blog … Continue reading

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