Open City Reading + Vids @ Pageturner Fest (AAWW)

On Oct. 5th, at the AAWW Page Turner Fest, I read from pieces I wrote for Open City, along with fellows Rishi Nath and Anelise Chen. We also presented videos made for each of our neighborhoods, created by Nabil Rahman, of Pineapple and Milk. For Flushing, we went somewhere he had never been to – the Intergenerational Garden at Queens Botanic Garden.

Sukjong Hong from Nabil Rahman – Pineapple and Mil on Vimeo.

An accompanying article I wrote for the piece is at Open City Mag:

As I entered the intergenerational garden at Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing, I saw two elderly Korean women walking towards me. Instinctively, I bowed and greeted them in Korean.

“Wait a minute,” one woman said, and gripped her friend’s arm. “How do we know her?”

“Does she go to our church?” Shaded by their visors, they looked at me affectionately. I said, “Well, I have been to this garden before.” They looked at each other and said, “No that’s not it.” They turned back to me, puzzled. “But why do you look so familiar?”

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