Published! in Open Engagement book – “The Questions We Ask Together”


In 2014, I participated in a blog project called 100 Questions, hosted by Open Engagement – an international conference and platform to support socially engaged art. Well – that blog project has become a print book! Called “The Questions We Ask Together” – it was distributed at Open Engagement 2015 in Pittsburgh.

Where did the 100 questions come from?

“For the closing event of Open Engagement 2013 we set out to collect 100 questions generated by the assembled group of conference attendees to further get a sense of what is emerging, what people are thinking, and where this conversation is going. This was inspired by Sister Corita’s “quantity assignments,” to generate 100 questions before embarking on intensive work and research. The format was that each of our six panelists joined one of six seated groups that each had about 40 chairs, and we then had about 35 minutes to work together and for each group to write 17 questions and then we reconvened and the panelists shared the group work…

These blog posts are not intended to answer the questions necessarily, but possibly to address why it is being asked? Why it matters or doesn’t matter? These blog posts will provide an important venue before the conference to deepen our shared exploration of the ideas and questions that socially engaged art provokes.”

I answered the question: “”When are we going to look outside of european languages for the social construction of a cultural worker?”

I also co-presented at the 2014 Open Engagement conference held at the Queens Museum, along with fellow artists Noelle Ghoussaini and Kameelah Janan Rasheed.

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