“This only happened because people organized” – Graphic journalism piece on nail salon workers up at Fusion News

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“‘This only happened because people organized’ – Nail salon workers speak out after NYTimes exposé”

Happy to share this graphic journalism piece up at This is Fusion, which looks at NYC nail salon worker organizing – both before and post-NYTimes expose by Sarah Maslin Nir. The article is available in both English and in Korean (한국어로 읽기) .


Some backstory: I had started a storyboard for a short documentary about one of the nail salon workers in the piece, Susan Kim, back in 2009, when I first met her. The documentary unfortunately fell through – but I kept the storyboard sketches and wondered how and when her story would ever be told.

Some of the interviews were conducted with the support of a commission from The Laundromat Project, a great community-centered arts organization, for which I am producing a ‘beauty’ magazine of salon workers’ stories begun last year.

Many thanks to translator Ed Kim, and to editors Jen Sorensen and Anna Holmes at Fusion! For more graphic journalism, check out the graphic culture page there:

Worker centers and organizations featured in the piece include:

* California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative (mentioned by Cathy in the piece):

* Adhikaar:

* New York Healthy Nail Salons coalition:

* The SWEAT Coalition:

* Workers United NY/NJ:

* Flushing Workers Center (3638 Union St. Flushing, NY 11354)

Thank you for reading!

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